There’s always a lot to be thankful for.

I am currently on a vacation after completing my studies. And I hope to make most of the time that I have now. Ever since I arrived, Mom was pretty adamant that I learn some cooking. Cooking to her is an essential life skill. Anyways I am thankful that I did learn something. I know I won’t have to starve unless there is an absolute scarcity. Speaking of which, I realize how blessed I am. There has always been food on the table everyday at my home. Really nice, healthy food in ample amount. We eat meat almost every other day and there has never been a day where we had constraints. in our third year of studies, we had a subject called Community Medicine and for the practical part of it we had to advise our patients on the need of healthy food intake in optimum quantities. Our approach was obviously community based and we had to know about all the locally available food. Most of the patients hardly have a day’s meal and even if they have it wasn’t in sufficient quantity or cooked properly. Even the farmers! I have a lot to be thankful for. I was a fussy eater as a child and I could never finish my plate. My parents were very strict about us finishing our meals properly. Every time I wanted to waste food, my Dad used to tell me how many people go hungry each day and what would they give to just have a little bit of food, even the food which I was about to throw away. One day a showed me a photo which he had printed out so that we realize the importance of not wasting food. The photo is world famous. The photographer was a South African, Kevin Carter. He was a recipient of the prestigious Pulitzer award for this photo.

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 I didn’t realize the seriousness of the topic then. But as I grew elder and when I saw undernourished people and even babies in my clinics, I understood all that my Dad told. It’s not just food. Now, every time I buy something, be it clothes, books,etc I always have this thought at the back of my head about those who cannot afford these and I send a silent prayer out to God for them. Every year for my birthday, me and my family provide such families with financial assistance. I could eat cake on that day but I will never be in peace knowing someone out there never had a mussel of rice for days together. How could I lavish so much on a cake and other eateries.Examine your life and count your blessings. There are many that we aren’t aware of and we don’t realize until it strikes us hard in the face. Until deprived, until it’s lost we never value something. That’s why in the Lord’s prayer we ask him to provide us ‘our daily bread’. Daily. We have to depend on Him everyday. If we had in abundance we will forget Him. And our God is a jealous God so He blesses us according to our need. I don’t believe our lives are worth living unless we make a difference in someone’s life. I have a strong passion to change a life and if possible many lives. I hope and pray that I do. In all this, let His will be done. So here, I sign off.

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